Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bob Seger Is Back

Not much has been going on the last few days, plus I've been incredibly busy, but at least Bob Seger has recorded a new record and is hitting the road for the first time in ten years:

"Bob Seger (tickets music) is set to back his latest album, Face the Promise, with late-year roadwork that will mark his first concert tour since 1996.

"...Face the Promise, which hit stores Sept. 12, is Seger's first studio effort since 1995's It's a Mystery. The interval between the two discs is the longest in the 61-year-old singer's career. The new album's initial single is titled 'Wait For Me.'

"'It's a pretty high-energy rock record,' Seger recently told USA Today. 'I would say it's more rock 'n' roll than usual. I wrote a lot of songs, a lot of songs. I probably recorded about 30, but the best songs happened to be more rock-leaning.'"

I'm actually of the Seger school that prefers his more thoughtful, less-rocking tunes ("Main Street," "Against the Wind," "Night Moves) than his hard rockers ("Old Time Rock and Roll," "Her Strut"), but it's nice to have him back nonetheless.


Mike said...

Here's Bob on Letterman performing more of a rocker - Wreck This Heart. Tried to find his appearance on Leno where he performed something a little more downtempo (I forget the title, but it was off of his new disc), but no such luck. He did mention in the post-song interview that he would play more ballads on this tour. Catch it before CBS, Worldwide Pants, and the record label gets wind that they aren't getting paid and fires off a cease and desist. Just one question - is a six-foot baritone sax Overt or Advanced?


Cool Noise said...

How can you say not much has been going on? Katie Melua has recorded the deepest underwater concert! 303 meters below sea level. Let's start a campaign to keep her there. Some people are so desperate to appear Overt - but fail miserably.

Jon Black and Britt Bergman said...

i am glad to hear that seger is getting into some rock and roll with this new album-that should be a refreshing departure from his usual experimental nonsense.

CK said...

And Seger is starting off the tour in Grand Rapids, thank you. Both concerst at the Van Andel arena (12,000 seats) sold out on less tha 16 minutes. People waited in line for 14 hours.