Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Will Show You the Stooges

The Stooges are back in the studio, more Advanced than ever. Billboard has the story:

"The reconstituted Stooges have spent the past week recording their first album since 1973 at producer Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studio in Chicago.... Bassist Mike Watt, who is rounding out the lineup of vocalist Pop, drummer Scott Asheton and guitarist Ron Asheton, is chronicling the sessions in explicit detail on his Web site, which lists such new tracks as 'Trollin',' 'Greedy Awful People,' 'Claustrophobia,' 'Mexican Guy' [Advanced title -JH] and 'I'm Fried.'

"'O Solo Mio' is said to be 'the real ballad ... of the bunch'...while "She Took My Money" is pegged to feature saxophone."

"'All the same passions and problems are there,' Pop told Billboard of writing with Scott and Ron Asheton. 'But the problems are in a more muted style. I'm still the showoff in the group that gets all the attention. Everyone has their role. It's pretty much the way it was in high school.'"

You have to love that they are doing "O Solo Mio" (by the way, "OSM" is where the tune for "It's Now or Never" came from, which I didn't know until last year), even if they are just lifting the title. And no Advanced reunion record would be complete without a sax. Nice work!

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