Monday, October 23, 2006

Lou Reed Down Under, Thom Yorke's Favorite Radiohead Song, Chambelin High on MySpace, EMI Parlophone Online Demos, Airplane III (Please)

  • Lou Reed screwed Australia's Sydney Festival. If they can't think of better names for their festivals, it serves them right.
  • NME reports that Thom Yorke has revealed his favorite Radiohead song: The Air That I Breathe, by the Hollies.
  • Jimmy Chambelin wrote on his MySpace (of course) page that the Smashing Pumpkins' new music is "sounding fantastic." Of course, he also said that "everyone reading this is hitching their silver chord to the Great Pumpkin Space Train!" I'm convinced!
  • EMI Parlophone has set up a new online demo system where you can upload your demo. This is great because now they can ignore your music more efficiently than ever.
  • I have a controversial new plan to defeat the terrorists: Airplane III. What better way to show that we aren't going to live our lives in fear? Just think of the great airport security jokes! Robert Hays would take the Lloyd Bridges position, of course, but I'd like to Sean Penn in the Robert Hays role. Also, how about Shirley Maclaine in a cameo like this: Sean Penn: "Surely you can't be serious." Shirley Maclaine: "I am serious." Sean Penn pauses, waits a beat for her to say "and don't call me Shirley," which she doesn't say because her name is Shirley. Take that, Saddam! I mean, Osama!

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CK said...

I'm still thinking Berlin is, if not the deepest, most heartfelt cry of humanity on record, at least in Lou's top two or three efforts of the last 35 years. A person has to travel this album in order to "get it". And at the end of the treatment, one is either a raving lifelong fan of this poet, or you can't stand him at all. You can probably figure out where I stand...