Monday, October 23, 2006

The Peel Possessions

From NME:

"A decision on what to do with John Peel's huge library of records, tapes and CDs is yet to be reached, according to the late DJs family. Peel was estimated to have 25,000 vinyl albums, and the collection was recently valued at £1.5 million. It was suggested that the British Library might take the collection, but for the moment the collection will remain at the Peel family home in Suffolk. His daughter Alexandra Ravenscroft said: 'We've not had any discussions about what is going to happen to the collection in the long-term. For now it will stay at home.'"

The Ravenscrofts could have one badass sidewalk sale, no? And here's a tip: if the Ravenscrofts ever move to another house and they ask you for help, say no! Records are a lot heavier than you think. Still, if they are looking for a place to put the records, I've got a couple of free shelves, and I'd be glad to store them.

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