Monday, October 30, 2006

Beck on SNL

So Beck was on SNL this past weekend (best show this season, I'd say; maybe I should be watching House?) with lots of props. Now I'm going to give him more props. I had heard about the puppets, but I worried that it might have been a sort of sub-Gorillaz thing. However, the puppets added a uniquely weird element to his set. Which is strange because the puppets were pretty small. (They're projected in concert I think.) But maybe that's why they were so effective? The real achievement of the puppets was that it made me like the guy on stage who did nothing but dance around. The fact that Beck has a pointless person on stage is one thing, but to have him in puppet form is something else altogether! Is that something else Advancement? Hard to say at this point.

As for the second song, I am totally sick of people banging on things. It was charming a long time ago, but I'm about Stomped out. And yet, I loved it when Beck did it! I should have wanted to punch the TV when the pointless guy brought out a fake turkey, but I smiled instead. And a bunch of hip-looking dudes sitting around a dinner table instead of playing instruments? If it had been the Killers, I would have rolled my eyes out of my head. But Beck? Bon appetit!

I agree with my brother that the songs weren't much to speak of, though neither of us noticed until after the show was over.

So that's me on ATB on Beck on SNL.

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