Friday, September 16, 2005

David Bowie and Arcade Fire: Black Tie, White Noise

From Yahoo!:

David Bowie made a surprise appearance with the indie rock sensation Arcade Fire during their concert Thursday night. The 58-year-old Bowie joined the band at the end of their concert in Central Park, and the audience roared at the sight of the rock icon.

In town for New York Fashion Week, Bowie took the stage in a white jacket and pants — which stood in stark contrast to Arcade Fire's all-black attire. After performing a song of his own with the group, Bowie strapped on an acoustic guitar and joined Arcade Fire's Win Butler in singing the band's "Wake Up."
I have written before that it is Advanced to embrace the cool band of the moment, but I should add here that it is also Advanced to perform with them. Of course, black is the Advanced color normally, but if you are performing with a bunch of Overt people who are wearing black, white is the more Advanced choice.

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