Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Elijah Wood as Iggy Pop?

From ain't it cool news:

"[L]ooks like [Wood's] building up his street cred as it were and now the rumor is he's playing Iggy Pop! This rumor started at The Sun, not the most reliable of sources, however in a recent interview that Elijah Wood did with the good folks over at Rope of Silicon he dropped this hint:

E: There's a couple of things kinda on the horizon, nothing's properly set up yet.

Q: Anything you can talk about?

E: There may be a music biography coming up, something that scares the shit out of me. It's someone I am extremely passionate about, and yeah... That's coming up, but that's way in the future.
It would probably be better to have an unknown play Iggy Pop because it's too distracting watching a famous person portray another famous person. Unless it's Gary Oldman, of course. I wonder who will play Lou Reed? My vote is Wallace Shawn.

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