Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Van Halen 101

Here's something I found at goldenfiddle, but it actuall lives at

Abel Sanchez's VAN HALEN book, "Van Halen 101" is now available for purchase from Author House. After two years of research and a lifetime of being a VAN HALEN fan, Sanchez has meticulously crafted a most excellent comprehensive guide to the amazing history, music, impact and influence of the mighty VH. Clocking in at 400 pages (in a handy 6x9 format), this book, which includes a foreword by Brian May of QUEEN and a tribute to Edward Van Halen by over 100 of the world's greatest musicians, covers it all — from the birth of the VH brothers and their days payin' dues on the Sunset Strip, through their three distinct eras and all the way up to the recent 2004 tour. If you're a fan of VAN HALEN and of guitar, this book is a must-own. If you're someone who's looking to learn all about VAN HALEN, there's absolutely no better place to start than right here.
The theory's cofounder, Britt, thinks that Michael Anthony is one of the luckiest men in rock'n'roll history. Adam Clayton, too. But, Britt is a bassist, so I don't think we can trust him on that one. Plus, Michael Anthony can singer higher than Geddy Lee.

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