Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ramones Museum, Movie


The Ramones continue to garner increasing popularity and accolades in their afterlife. Not many museums in the world are dedicated entirely to a single rock band, but the Ramones can now add that to their list of accomplishments, as such a facility will open Friday (Sept. 16) in Berlin.

Drummer Marky Ramone tells this may not be the last such museum dedicated to the punk legends, either. "That could be the first of many," he says. "Just because it's in Berlin, it doesn't mean there can't be one in New York, L.A. or London. It's wonderful -- I'm flattered."

"The guy who started the museum in Berlin is a huge Ramones fan," Marky continues. "His name is Florian. In fact, every time I would come there, he would be at the shows, and he must have attended every show we played in Germany."

...Following in the footsteps of Buddy Holly and the Doors, it looks like the Ramones will be the subject of a feature film. Although a few different companies are currently vying for the project, research has already begun. "They're calling me [and] talking to me about it to see if I can help them with certain things, pertaining to certain times of the era," Marky says. "[They're] writing a whole formula for it, and I guess everyone is going to sign on eventually. It looks really good."
Glad to see that the hardrockcafeification of the Ramones continues. By the way, I watched "Sid and Nancy" not to long ago, and I was struck by how much it seemed like an after-school special about punk rockers. I can't remember if I posted something about it at the time, so if I've already said that, forgive me.

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