Monday, September 19, 2005

New Kids on the Bloc Party


British band BLOC PARTY have hit out at music 'snobs' for sneering at boybands and girl bands. The outspoken group, whose indie-punk album SILENT ALARM has earned them critical acclaim, insist they show respect for all bands of all genres. MATT TONG, the band's drummer, is also encouraging of Boyband McFLY for covering THE WHO's hit MY GENERATION. He says, "They can cover what they want. Why do you have to have this crap indie elitism just because a pop band wants to cover as Who song?"
I know you're thinking that this is sort of an Advanced viewpoint. However, you have to be careful. It could be that Tong is just being contrary in an Overt way. (People expect Bloc Party to hate boybands, so they say they don't hate them.) Here's hoping he really means it.

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