Thursday, September 01, 2005

Reed and Bowie on New Kashmir Record

From Kashmir's Kashmir:

During the mixing session in New York, Kashmir and Visconti played around with an instrumental track, and then decided it would be intriguing to add a spoken role to complete it. Kasper had written a poem, “Black Building”, but the dark, atmospheric track asked for a special kind of voice. They came up with the idea of asking Lou Reed if he would do the part, and he soon returned having decided to join in. His voice truly completes the track “Black Building”, which is found on the new album.

Another track, “The Cynic”, is a duet featuring David Bowie. While recording in Copenhagen, Kashmir had a vision of having David Bowie singing part of the track. Mr. Bowie already knew of Kashmir, and was delighted to participate. The new album "No Balance Palace" is released 10th October.
Gosh, I'm jealous. When I did my last record all I could get was Josh Brolin.

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