Friday, September 16, 2005

Nick Cave's "The Proposition"


With shooting complete for the forthcoming feature film "The Proposition," directed by John Hillcoat from a script written by Nick Cave, the Australian singer/songwriter turned his attention to the film's musical elements.

Collaborating with Bad Seeds musician and Dirty Three frontman Warren Ellis, the original score for the film will be release on November 14, and as Cave reveals, will be an emphatically different work to a Bad Seeds record:

"I always heard it musically, and I guess it's written rhythmically as well" he said. "It's very similar to the way my band operates. There are moments of intense violence and there are also moments of long, lyrical, quiet sadness."

"I didn't want to have songs in it," he explains, "or Nick Cave songs, certainly. For me it was delicately balanced thing. On the one hand you don't want a historical movie with a real contemporary soundtrack, but nor did we want wall-to-wall Irish jigs. I didn't want songs to act as distraction."

..."The Proposition" is described as a powerful western drama set in the savage Eden of 1880s Australia, an elemental story of family conflict and primal violence, destructive love and divided loyalties. It features acting by Guy Pearce, Ray Winstone, Emily Watson and Danny Huston "Because of Nick's narrative songwriting, the characters are so vivid," adds Hillcoat. "I knew something really good would come out of it."
Next on Nick Cave's to-do list is punching up the script of "Garfield 2" and scoring "John Madden Australian Rules Football '06." Should be good.

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