Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pink Floyd: Shine on You Crazy Possible Reunion

From Yahoo!:

Pink Floyd star Roger Waters is keen for his band mates to perform together once more, despite reports of the rockers' continuing animosity towards each other. The veterans have shared a famously stormy relationship since first rocking the charts in the 1970s but Waters is convinced their celebrated Live 8 appearance will not be their last reunion. He says, "I really loved it. I hope we do it again. "If some other opportunity arose, I could even imagine us doing 'Dark Side Of The Moon' again - you know, if there was a special occasion. Something with a political or charitable connection. "It would be good to hear it again. Live 8 was so great."
I'm guessing that the charity will be something like the Roger Waters Gold-Plated Gold Bars Fund.

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