Thursday, September 08, 2005

Spokesmacca: Listen to What the Man Says

From yahoo!:

At the rate he's going, Paul McCartney's fans will definitely still need him when he's 64. The former Beatle, who turned 63 in June, is showing no signs of slowing down as he prepares to release a new album and supporting tour. He's working on his first children's book. He's among the A-list artists signed on to play MTV's hurricane benefit concert on Friday.

And on Thursday night, he makes his debut as pitchman for Fidelity Investments, which is underwriting his tour. The ad, titled "This Is Paul," will air during the first half of the NFL season opener between the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders on ABC. The spot "takes viewers on a chronological tour of McCartney's life and notable accomplishments" using archival photos and footage, per a press release. "I'm really pleased to be working with Fidelity Investments," says McCartney. "We have a lot in common--a commitment to helping people, a dedication to the arts, and a belief that you should never stop doing what you love."
That's what's known in the business as a stretch. But still, if he thinks they do a good job with money, it might be wise to take his advice.

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Phenmetrazine said...

In the Fidelity ad, a black couple takes advice from from their white investment advisor, then ad closes to the strains of the song, lol.

A little inside joke perhaps, at least till someone like myself draws outrageous conclusions.