Friday, September 30, 2005

Mike Myers Is Keith Moon

From the Movie Hole:

"Mike Myers has finally signed on the straight line to play drummer Keith Moon in a biopic based on 'The Who' band-member, best known as the finest 'drum kit' destroyer in history - and also, a dude with a gift for playing with the sticks. According to Variety, the film has been in the works for about ten years - I've never heard anyone else mentioned for the part of Moon but Wayne Campbell himself - with Roger Daltrey and Nigel Sinclair finally getting it off the pavement. "

Shouldn't Dana Carvey be playing Moon, not Mike Myers?


Anonymous said...

personally i like Mike Myers( See his filmography at Most Wanted Movies.

Anonymous said...

dana carvey doesn't look a THING like keith moon. Mike myers does.