Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Paul McCartney: Fixing a Hole

From nme.com:

Paul McCartney has fallen down a trapdoor while performing in the US.

The former Beatles star was performing at the Tampa St Pete Times Forum as part of his current world tour in support of new solo album 'Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard'.

Witnesses say that McCartney was walking across the stage to where a piano was supposed to appear from a hole, when the accident happened. He fell, slightly hurting his arm and back, before being assisted by stage crew.

McCartney said: "There's a big hole in the stage and I just fell into it. A word to the stage crew, I want a big fence around here tomorrow. Think we ought to put a picket fence around it? A little picket fence! It will look nice."
Does that guy ever get mad about anything? He must take saw palmetto or some other herb.

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