Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Artist v. Critic

Here is something funny from gigwise.com:

Thankfully for all of us, EMI are not releasing a DVD of the utterly abysmal ‘Tin Machine’. However, in releasing 1993’s ‘Black Tie White Noise’ they’ve far from picked one of his best moments.

What we get is a collage of interviews, performances of various tracks and promo videos. Perhaps the most cringe worthy thing about the DVD is the supposed live performances – filmed in a cheap studio, with unnervingly happy backing singers and Bowie obviously miming along, it treads a fine line of being either laughable or unsettling. Elsewhere, the glossy, and somewhat uneventful promo videos that accompany tracks such as ‘Miracle Goodnight’ and ‘Jump they Say’ are just as mediocre as the songs. In fact, a perturbing thing to come from listening to the music is that it sounds a hell of a lot more dated now than, say, genre-busting material from his Ziggy Stardust or ‘Low’ eras almost twenty years earlier.
It would be interesting to hear David Bowie's perspective on this. I have a feeling that he could prove that the DVD is amazing and essential for any Bowie fan. On a related note, it's interesting that many people tend to dismiss what artists have to say about their own work because they can't be objective, but those same people readily accept the opinions of critics (especially negative opinions) who have biases of their own and are generally far less accomplished than the person they are writing about. That's not necessarily bad, but I think between David Bowie and gigwise.com, I'll take David Bowie.

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