Saturday, February 19, 2005

James Brown: Better Than Quayle?

There is a lengthy review in the New York Times Sunday Book Review of James Brown's new autobiography, "I Feel Good." Here are some interesting parts:

Brown acknowledges his own influences, including Little Richard, who, Brown says, discovered him. Westerns and comic books were also an influence. (Both Muhammad Ali and James Brown were influenced by the theatrics of the wrestler Gorgeous George, but no one has been able to duplicate that majestic peacock strut with which he entered the ring.) Brown traces his rediscovery to his appearance in the movie ''The Blues Brothers.''

...The most surprising news in ''I Feel Good'' might be Brown's revelation that his close friend Hubert Humphrey once mused about making Brown his running mate, a disclosure that is bound to draw snickers.
That would have been really amazing, no?

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