Thursday, February 03, 2005

It Was Much Better Than "Cats"

Generally, I try to celebrate things I like rather than mock the things I don't. So I'll leave it up to the New York Times to destroy "Good Vibrations":

Even those who believe everything on this planet is here for a purpose may at first have trouble justifying the existence of "Good Vibrations," the singing headache that opened last night at the Eugene O'Neill Theater.

But audience members strong enough to sit through this rickety jukebox of a show, which manages to purge all catchiness from the surpassingly catchy hits of the Beach Boys, will discover that the production does have a reason to be, and a noble one: "Good Vibrations" sacrifices itself, night after night and with considerable anguish, to make all other musicals on Broadway look good.
And it just gets worse from there.

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