Friday, February 11, 2005

Sinead Back in Business

According to the AP, Sincead O'Connor is coming out of retirement:

Two years ago, O'Connor announced she was retiring to raise her three children. She also disclosed that she was battling a debilitating and painful fatigue illness called fibromyalgia. The magazine Hotpress quoted her as saying she will perform on stage in the next few months at a special appearance in Belfast. O'Connor reportedly said she was already working on material for three different records.

"I want to at least aim my records at a more spiritualized market," she was quoted as saying. "Religious songs with bad words, that's the best way I could describe it," she said. "I've been thinking for years the religious area of music has a huge gap in it. Needs a bit of punky filling."
Forgive me, but mmm...punky filling. Anyway, I don't mind when we people announce their retirements and then come out of retirement. I really don't know how you can "retire" from music anyway. I also like that she refers to it a spiritualized "market." And, of course, as a watcher of Advancement, I'm quite pleased with her wacky religious phase. I wonder what she'll do next. Disco?

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