Monday, February 14, 2005

Slap Your Grammy Now

I missed the Grammys last night. I had no idea they were on until I saw an article about the show in the newspaper. But I did see the other Ramones movie, which I believe is called "Raw." It was pretty underwhelming because it dealt with them in their later years. For instance, there were clips of Kurt Loder on the "Week in Rock" talking about them, a segment with Gilbert Godfriend pretending to be a Ramone (also from MTV, I think), and an appearance on what appeared to be a local access kids' show hosted by the Charlotte's loud, gay friend on "Sex and the City." The best part, though, was getting to see the video for a Marky Ramone rap song. It was incredible. He also talks about the rap version of "Foxy Lady," featuring Debbie Harry. Now that is Advancement of the highest order. The movie is worth seeing, if only for the rapping.

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