Monday, February 28, 2005

Bono Tries to Bug Bush

Here's a litte something for you from

The New York Times has published an open letter written by U2 star Bono, appealing to President George W. Bush to end poverty in Africa. The musician writes to the US President with the hope of 'Ending the poverty that breeds violence' in this week's edition of the metropolis weekly, with the hope that the US can instigate negotiations with Europe to end suffering in the third world county:

"Americans are overtly devout," says Bono, "and yet Europeans, who inhabit a more secular world, give more per capita than Americans to what the Bible calls "the least of these" - the world's poor." "The United States is in 22nd place, last in the class of donor nations. (Add private philanthropy and it's up to 15th.) Europeans see the discrepancy, and they smell hypocrisy."

But other than that, America rocks!

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