Monday, February 21, 2005

Bob Dylan Likes Math

According to, Bob Dylan isn't so crazy about the current state of rock'n'roll:

"I know there are groups at the top of the charts that are hailed as the saviours of rock'n'roll and all that, but they are amateurs. They don't know where the music comes from," he wrote, adding, “I wouldn't even think about playing music if I was born in these times... I'd probably turn to something like mathematics. That would interest me. Architecture would interest me. Something like that."

Priceless. Most Advanced artists say they love all the new bands who are keeping the rock'n'roll torch burning, but Bob Dylan has apparently moved beyond that. I wouldn't be surprised if next month he appears on a Franz Ferdinand record.

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Anonymous said...

he said in an interview in 1965 that he uses words like other people use numbers

and in another more famous interview in '65 he said he plays "mathematical music" also called it "vision music"