Thursday, February 24, 2005

Ummagummaa to Tour UK for Some Reason

According to Brain Damage, the Pink Floyd tribute band Ummagummaa is going on tour in the UK:

The band, whose performances are resulting in a lot of "word of mouth" recommendations, concentrate on the early years of the band's history, including such elements of the liquid light show from the sixties.

"We are aiming to focus our attention on the early albums, and the 'Live at Pompeii' show", says keyboard player Hoagy Davies. "We're covering stuff from "Piper At The Gates of Dawn," "Saucerful Of Secrets," "Ummagumma," of course, "Atom Heart Mother" (the cover of which is used on our posters) and "Meddle." For long-time fans this includes by implication material written by madcap genius Syd Barrett, including "See Emily Play" and "Astronomy Domine."

Hoagy, who has toured worldwide with Soft Machine, Lou Reed, PFM, Keith Emerson, Camel and John Cale, plays all the keyboard parts. He is joined by drummer Geoff Cooper (Broken English/Counterfeit Stones), Ian Ellis on bass (Pete Townshend/Steve Hackett) and guitarist Chris Staines (Steeleye Span/Geno Washington/ASM) on guitar.

"For a band that has sold millions of albums, a lot of fans missed the early years," continues Hoagy. "In many respects it was a defining era, because although Syd Barrett left, the band's style right down to the on stage ambience and light show, was defined in those early years. Also this show is the only representation of The Floyd as they were before becoming the million selling chart band. As in the old days, we take musical chances and try to retain the spontaneity of those early happenings."
If they aren't playing "On the Turning Away," I'm not going.

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