Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Beck a Scientologist?

As you may know, many Advanced artists have gone through weird religious phases. If you believe Exposing the Con, Beck already has that part covered. The guy who runs the website, which compares Scientology to a "19th century seedy carnival side show," apparently wants to expose the group as a not-so-wonderful cult. The article about Beck is called "The Secret Life of Beck Hansen - A Guide for the Professional Journalist," and it is supposed to help writers ask Beck questions about his beliefs. At the end it says, "If you interview Beck Hansen you will probably be monitored and may have to agree not to discuss his controversial personal life. Keep the following in mind:

1. Beck is relatively uneducated. He has just an eighth grade education, and most of this education seems to have been in Scientology schools. He most likely has never had conventional education in science or health. This is by cult design, because a lack of education makes a victim easier to manipulate.

2. Beck is likely unaware of much of the "wog" world around him. Scientologists are typically discouraged from watching television or reading the newspaper. Many have installed on their computers supposedly innocent software provided to them by the COS that blocks a long list of key words, names, and websites. Their e-mails and web surfing may be monitored. Beck will most likely not be able to discuss the elections, the war, or the economy. He may never even have voted. A cult member is taught that his primary purpose in life is to raise money for the cult, and in Beck's case, as a Scientologist, to 'clear' the planet-in other words, recruit everyone into Scientology."

And it goes on and on. It's all kind of creepy really, kind of like a anticult cult. I think the guy wants to protect Beck from Scientology, but I think he would settle for using Beck to expose Scientology. Either way, "Odelay" sure was a good record, and "Sexx Laws" is a really great song and video.

(Thanks to goldenfiddle.com for the link.)


fu3.org said...

Check THIS out before writing anything POSITIVE about scientology..

And I'm sure there are other places to get the idea also..

This wasn't an anti Beck comment, but I hope you understood that without this disclaimer..

Jason Hartley said...

I don't know enough about Scientology (or Beck) to have much of a position, but let's just say I won't be joining.

fu3.org said...

I'm in the same 'league' as you there, but I've heard 'all bad', so to speak..

Was a bit fraid you interpreted my initial post as an attack at what YOU wrote, and I'm glad you didn't..