Friday, February 04, 2005

Overfed, Long-Haired Leaping Gnome Writes a Hollywood Movie

Eric Burdon (of the Animals) is working on a screenplay "based on a portion of his recent autobiography." You can find the story at and read a bit here:

"Some producers in LA read a chapter of my book and liked it a lot. They thought it would be a good movie" Burdon tells Undercover News. Although sourced from Burdon's book, Eric says the plot won't be about him. "It is about the music industry. It is about how the industry is it's own worst enemy and how they turned their back on technology hoping the internet would go away".

...He is also amazed on how the music industry has now become big business. "When you sit down and sum up what it costs to see The Stones and Madonna now, its $300 for a ticket, you pay for your t-shirt, you drive there and park" he says. "It can be $1000 to see a band for a night. Gimme a break! I saw the Stones for 10 shillings. Let's not forget where rhythm and blues came from".
London, right?


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I have been a fan of Eric Burdon for over 40 years. He's the genuine article and is honest and blunt to a fault. If you want to read how the music business really is read both his books. His song :"on the Road" tells it like it is. Great idea to do a film. Hope he gets it done.