Friday, February 25, 2005

A Trio of Yeahs

As you may know, I really don't care for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. However, when I saw that their show at the Fillmore was on Trio, I decided to watch it to see if maybe I'd missed something. After watching them for about 30 minutes, I find it even harder to understand what there is to like about them. They seemed like amateurs, but not in the good, punk way. For instance, the singer and guitarist bumped into each other when attempting to do a rock move, and at one point she tried to hold the microphone in her ripped stocking to free her arms for a stance of glory. Of course, the microphone fell to the ground with a thud because ripped stockings aren't very strong and microphones are heavy. And they don't appear to have any real songs. I'm not opposed to bands that create an atmosphere instead of writing songs, but they didn't even do that. The drummer is pretty good, but the guitarist just doesn't have the imagination or the chops to carry the sound alone. She had an okay screech, but not too much else. I guess I would say they sounded like Pylon (without the songs) on an off night. If there is someone out there who loves them, I'd love to hear why I'm wrong about this. I prefer to like bands rather than hate them, so you'd be doing me a favor.


mick said...

So I am confused as to why your dislike of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs qualifies as Advancement Theory newsworthy.

I know you've classified the YYYs are overt, but other than venting your personal dislike for them (which is fine, don't get me wrong, it's your blog) and asking to hear why people do like them, I didn't get much out of the post (again, not that I have to get anything out of it, I can try to find a more objective discussion of AT elsewhere, if it exists.)

I do happen to really like the YYYs. I was at that concert and had a great time. I'm sorry I'm not more of an intellectual so that I could explain to you why I like them, except that I find the songs catchy, I like her voice, I like the lyrics, I like the energy. I don't expect anyone to like the same bands as I, for the same reasons, and I respect differing opinions. You don't like them. Some other people do. They are overt according to your theory and hopefully not your bias. There's nothing wrong with that.

I would be interested in looking at a screen on your website that listed artists (you like or have thought about because you have to start somewhere,) classified in some way according to AT.

...and now for something completely different. I recently read a book on Post-Modernism and a thought a little of how it relates to your theory. If we take the word "modern" not as a style or a historic period, but meaning "of the present or the recent past" AKA contemporary... and post-modern can be defined as "what is not yet accepted or understood as the present," then would it be fair say that Advanced is another word for Post-Modern, in that sense?

In addition, I am curious as to how you see AT relating to the broader concepts of Po-Mo, of which I don't claim to have any firm grasp. Well, this might be a can of worms, but I thank you for your time and any thoughts.

Jason Hartley said...

See "Q and A" for my attempt at an answer.

mick said...