Thursday, March 24, 2005

Advanced Dance: Stephen Petronio

There is an interesting review of the Stephen Petronio Company here. A little bit from the article:

The newest piece... Misfit Toys (2003), billed as "a series of adult gothic nursery rhymes," was performed to Lou Reed songs taken variously from his iconic work in the Velvets and from his critically unpopular records Metal Machine Music and The Raven. Cindy Sherman's smoky, dimly lit set featured a totem of smugly grinning doll heads and two enormous discarded doll bodies. Dancers costumed in little gingham dresses (for the women) and pajamas (for the men) looked innocent in contrast to their sexual movements and suggestive, intricate pairings. During the climactic "I'm Waiting for the Man," the dancers portrayed addiction and obsession but salvation was found through physical contact by the last strains of Antony's beatific rendition of "Perfect Day."
I'll keep an eye on Stephen Petronio. Also, I like the potential double meaning of "critically unpopular."

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