Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Lollapalooza Lite

According to Reuters, Lollapalooza is moving:

Lollapalooza '05 will run July 23-24 in Chicago's Grant Park. The band lineup will not be announced until the third week in April. The festival Web site ( will go live Friday.

...Some of the festival's founding participants are involved in this year's Windy City event. William Morris Agency veteran Marc Geiger booked Lollapalooza before leaving the agency to head the ill-fated Web-based label ArtistDirect; he returned to the agency in 2003, booked the '04 festival and is working on the Chicago shows. Jane's Addiction lead vocalist Perry Farrell also is on board in a creative capacity.
They're just not letting this thing die, are they? This isn't a bad idea, really, but it just seems that now it's just another outdoor show. I will say that seeing music at Grant Park is a nice experience, especially if you are seeing it from a balcony.

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