Thursday, March 17, 2005

Moby v. Beyonce

According to, Moby isn't happy with Beyoncé:

[Moby], who has been feuding with rapper EMINEM for years, accuses Knowles of "gratuitously" lending her name to Hilfiger's new fragrance TRUE STAR. He rants, "I see so many public figures just gratuitously lending their names to products that I really don't understand. "I just wonder why, like, Beyonce's doing this Tommy Hilfiger thing, and isn't it enough to have $50 million? Do you need $51 million?"

But Moby insists he doesn't mean to single out Beyoncé in his rant about greedy stars and fears an ongoing feud with her. He adds, "It wouldn't be good, because then all of a sudden JAY-Z (Beyoncé's boyfriend) and DAMON DASH (Jay-Z's business partner) would be involved. "I'd find myself at the bottom of the Hudson River."
Well that last statement ought to smooth things out for them. I'm sure Jay-Z loves being reduced to a stereotype.

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