Friday, March 11, 2005

d. boon and the drum circle

d. boon news from

With classic punk trio the Minutemen back in the spotlight thanks to a new documentary, a former roommate of late singer/guitarist D. Boon has expanded a CD of previously unreleased recordings, "D. Boon & Friends," which was originally released in 2003. The set is now available with a bonus disc when ordered via project head Richard Derrick's Web site.

...The 33-track CD sports everything from jams with Boon and Derrick (and another friend) from Nov. 1984-85, a performance by the Boon-led side project Hammerdown, a Boon solo gig, a Minutemen gig from 1985 when Derrick replaced an absent George Hurley and a home-recorded solo acoustic track.

...Derrick says the Hammerdown performance is one his favorite Boon memories. "It was a benefit for a man known as 'English Frank,' which also featured Spinal Tap and a hair-metal-with-chick-singer-type band called Bitch," he says. "Instead of showing up with an acoustic guitar, [Boon] asked everyone he knew to loan him a guitar amp, and he ended up with maybe a dozen amps all plugged into each other, along with three friends to play tom-toms."
I'm really enjoying this Minutemen renaissance. I thought they were in danger of disappearing, but it looks like a whole new generation of kids will get to enjoy first-rate punk rock with some jazzy solos thrown in.

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