Monday, March 14, 2005

Just Saying Hello

After going over this morning's news, I'm sad to report that there's not much to report. Angelina Jolie disapproves of Bono as head of the World Bank and favors Colin Powell. I'm not sure how much say she has in the matter, but I'm sure Bono is terribly disappointed. Angelina Jolie is about as Overt as it gets, in case you're wondering. Yoko Ono is busily working on the musical that "celebrates" John Lennon's life. I wonder if she and Priscilla Pressley ever get together and count the money they've made off their dead husbands. Lennon's first wife, Cynthia, is writing a book about him, and I hope she makes a nice bit of money from it. I've always felt bad for her and Julian. I saw Jack Johnson on SNL this weekend. I'd never heard him before and don't expect to again. His songs are harmless, but I can't get behind a guy wearing flip-flops on stage, especially if he has a professional harmonica playing with him. I realize that the harmonica can be difficult to play, but the professional harmonica player has to be the lowest of the low in the hierarchy of musician. I especially dislike that "Leave a Tender Moment Alone" guy. I got tickets to the Lou Reed show on April 5, so that should be pretty exciting. The show is scheduled to start at 7, which is really wonderful. I would imagine he'll go on a bit later than that, but it's really wonderful to go to a show and be home before 11. Anyway, let's hope there will be some good news from the World of Advancement later this morning.

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