Thursday, March 31, 2005

Alice Cooper: Freedom Rocks

According to, Alice Cooper has been working on a new album, "Dirty Diamonds":

This isn't a concept album, like recent outings Brutal Planet and Dragontown. Instead, Cooper says, he took a suggestion from his old producer Bob Ezrin, who helmed such Cooper classics as Killer and School's Out. "One of the things Bob said was, 'If you're just gonna do twelve songs, how about twelve great songs -- no filler? If I hear filler on your album, I'll personally come beat you to death with a hammer,'" explains a chuckling Cooper, who says he's bounced ideas off Ezrin throughout his career.

...Dirty Diamonds was actually overseen by Steve Lindsey, who co-produced Cooper's 2004 duet with rapper Xzibit "Stand" (off the official Olympics Games album, Unity) and has worked with Elton John, Luther Vandross and Leonard Cohen. [I'm really going to have look into this Steve Lindsey guy.] Cooper describes the title track of Dirty Diamonds as an "epic" similar to his multilayered 1971 song "Halo of Flies."

...While he made headlines last year by calling artists who campaigned for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry "morons," Cooper says he doesn't begrudge activist rockers their say. "You're American, you get to do that," he says. "And now if you live in Baghdad, you get to do that, too."
I'm pretty sure it's always been okay for Iraqis to call Americans morons.


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