Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bono's Edun: Respect Yourself

Bono and his wife have their own line of clothing. Here's the story from MTV.com:

As if being an international rock star, a recognized crusader for human rights, a husband and father of four weren't enough, Bono has now declared he is a garmento. Say what? At New York's Saks Fifth Avenue on Friday night, Bono unveiled an "ethical" line called Edun.

...When Bono emerged from the elevator with wife Ali Hewson and Gregory Rogan, the designer of the clothing, a blaze of flashbulbs incited the murmuring crowd to surge in their direction. Even the models lifted their gazes to watch them enter. As Bono moved toward the stage, the crowd — which included Jay-Z, Christy Turlington and even Robert De Niro — crushed in the same direction.

Bono joked with the crowd that his only other contribution to fashion thus far has been the mullet he sported in the early days of U2. "You all know what a mullet is: Party in the back and business up front," he said, laughing. [This is why Bono isn't truly Advanced: He makes fun of the long-hair-in-the-back hairstyle.]

Though it may at first seem like just another musician's side project, the Edun line is made from environmentally friendly materials, including chiffon, knit jersey and organic denim. Each piece is made in a developing country that desperately needs the introduction of sustainable commerce.

... "Look, the world doesn't need another fashion brand; we understand that. But we don't think that this is just another one," Bono said. "It's different. At the very heart of it we have the idea of four respects: respect for what your clothes are made of, respect for who is making them, respect for where they are made and respect for the people who are going to put them on."
Unlike Sean John, where they're all about dissing everybody.

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