Thursday, March 31, 2005

Billy Corgan: You Don't Know What It's Like to Be Advanced

According to, Billy Corgan teamed up with Robert Smith on his new solo record. Here's some more:

"'It's guitar-driven and loud, but not aggressive,' Corgan tells Rolling Stone. 'The videos, music and tour will be really new and different. No one will accuse me of sitting on my past." Recorded in Chicago, Future was co-produced by Corgan and features eleven new songs, including the first single, 'Walking Shade,' as well as an unlikely cover of the Bee Gees' 'To Love Somebody,' with the Cure's Robert Smith on backing vocals."

Billy Corgan would love to be Advanced, but he just isn't. Recording a Bee Gees song is great, but somehow it seems a little desperate. I guess you could say that his attempts to be Advanced are a little too Overt.

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