Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Advancement Is All Right (If You Like Saxophones)

Here is something amusing from Creem:

"The last in the Virgin reissue series of David Bowie long players are his two live releases from the mid-'70s, David Live which originally came out in 1974 and Stage released in 1978. These new reissues contain remixing, much ProTooling, original track orders and extra songs all eagerly brought to by producer extraordinaire Tony Visconti. Mr. V not only remixed David Live and Stage, he wrote all the liner notes chock full of recollections, explanations, and even a few excuses for what we have been listening to via these eight sides for the last 30 years.

Now Visconti ranks quite high on my all time favorite producer list for too may reasons to go into here… but Tony…what's up with this new David Live mix? I'll tell ya what's up…THE SAXOPHONE!!!! It should be retitled David SANBORN Live. I don't know if its because David Live has been ingrained in my skull since I was 14 years old or it's these crappy headphones but this new mix is sounding kinda funky—but not Young Americans funky if you know what I mean."

I'm pretty sure "kinda funky" equals "Advanced." You almost have to love the saxophone to be Advanced, the more shrill the better.


Andrew Beaujon said...

Also, isn't "improving" decades-old albums a hallmark of advancement? E.g., Ozzy replacing the bass and drums on the reissue of Blizzard of Ozz, or Iggy Pop remixing Raw Power to sound more like modern-rock radio at the time.

Advanced Genius Theory said...


Anonymous said...

I am new to this advanced theory but after listening to the new Big Star CD i know that Alex Chilton is highly advances