Friday, April 08, 2005

MTV: Making the Broadband

According to something called Web User, MTV is going broadband. Check out the beta version here. Here's the scoop :

"MTV will launch a broadband channel later this month offering a range of TV and exclusive web content. The MTV Overdive site is expected to go live on April 26 and will feature 'six distinct channels of programming,' according to the company. At the moment only four are ready - News, Music, On TV and Movies - with Video Game Culture and Personal Style yet to be added. The channels will include a range of programmes from the TV including news updates four times daily, artist profiles and interviews, fashion news, movie clips and trailers, new music stories and video game news. These will be supplemented with live performances online and specially produced short-form programming plus a video on demand service. MTV Overdrive will be delivered via Windows Media Video and Windows Media DRM, according to the company. MTV will soon release a version of MTV Overdrive optimised for Microsoft Media Center Edition PCs too, although it hasn't confirmed a launch date yet."
This better not be just an excuse to cram another Simpson sister down our throats.

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