Wednesday, April 27, 2005

This Can't Be Santana

According to this report from Yahoo!, Carlos Santana is being sued:

"A former employee of the New Santana Band has accused musician Carlos Santana and his wife of firing him for not being 'closer to God,' according to a wrongful termination lawsuit filed in California. Bruce Kuhlman, 59, said Santana's wife, Deborah, went on a campaign to terminate him after her spiritual guru, 'Dr. Dan,' determined through 'calibration' tests that Kuhlman was too old to become enlightened, the lawsuit, filed on April 13, said.... The lawsuit said Dr. Dan informed Kuhlman during a series of meetings that his 'enlightenment/consciousness level' was low because of his age, and 'that the more enlightened a person was, the closer to God he was and the better employee he was.'"
Hey, that's why I got fired from TCBY!

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