Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Billy Idol Diet

According to MSNBC, Billy Idol's body is his instrument:

"[T]o counteract the decades of hard living and maintain his eye-catching six-pack, Idol swears by an unyielding exercise regimen. 'I wanted to re-energize myself and I know this sounds a bit Roger Daltrey but my body is my instrument. I mean in the old days I didn’t give a ... but I wanna be really clear-headed and in the moment now. The real drug is on that stage.'

'Don’t get me wrong,' he quickly adds, 'I still smoke pot, I still drink, I’m just not overdoing it. It’s about pacing myself so that I can push when I want and pull back when I want.'"
That's the way I am with frozen yogurt.

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Anonymous said...

I agree but I dont do pot or drink that has been gone long ago..get short term memory loss lol.. kefir is just as good as frozen yogurt and being a vegetarian. I work out at least 2 hrs a day...Hi Billy