Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Internet2: Electric Imbroglio

According to Yahoo!, the RIAA and MPAA are going after Internet2:

"Record label and movie studio investigators said on Tuesday they plan to sue more than 400 college students who used a special high-speed network to copy songs and movies. Broadband networks made college campuses hotbeds of illegal copying, but students now use an even faster network known as Internet2, trade groups for the two industries said. Designed for academic research, Internet2's extremely fast speed allows users to download a movie in 5 minutes or a song in less than 20 seconds. Existing cable or DSL broadband networks usually take an hour to download a movie and 2 minutes to download a song."

Seems to me that all the lawsuits will do is raise the visibility of Internet2 (I prefer the original), and the end result will be more people stealing more files much faster.

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