Friday, April 22, 2005

Ray Davies: Kinda, Gentla?

No, he's just doesn't feel like testifying. Here's the scoop from E!:

Prosecutors in the Big Easy are tired of waiting for Ray Davies. The Kinks frontman says he won't make the transatlantic trip anytime soon to testify against a man alleged to be the getaway driver for a teen who shot Davies during a visit to New Orleans last year. As a result, prosecutors were forced to drop charges against the man, Jerome Barra, and let him go free. "We'll see if we can reinstate the charges once the victim is able to return to New Orleans," District Attorney Eddie Jordan told the New Orleans Times-Picayune this week. "But we do need victims in order to prosecute an armed robbery case."

...According to, the Kinkster's slate includes a festival date Apr. 30 in Belgium. However, his next set of shows does not commence until mid-June, theoretically leaving the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer time to consider a short sojourn back to New Orleans to testify against Barra.

...The dust-up between the rocker and the bandits was ratcheted up when the 60-year-old "You Really Got Me" singer decided to give chase to the unidentified suspect after the youth snatched a purse belonging to Davies' companion while the couple were strolling through the French Quarter.

Once the young man realized Davies was giving chase, he turned and shot the musician in the leg before fleeing the scene, according to New Orleans' finest. Davies had to postpone a series of concert dates last spring as a result of complications stemming from the shooting. The bullet had fractured a bone in Davies' leg. Earlier this year, Davies had an operation in London to remove a titanium rod inserted into his upper leg.
That sounds Kinda Painful.

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