Monday, April 04, 2005

Pope Culture

At, there is an article about Bono's relationship with the Pope:

"U2 frontman BONO has praised late POPE JOHN PAUL II as the 'best frontman' the Roman Catholic Church ever had.... In a statement released today (03APR05), Bono said: 'A great show man, a great communicator of ideas even if you didn't agree with all of them, a great friend to the world's poor which is how I got to meet him. 'Without John Paul II its hard to imagine the Drop The Debt campaign succeeding as it did.' The late Pope, a fan of popular culture, once invited BOB DYLAN to perform for him at a church congress in Bologna and joined the EURYTHMICS, ALANIS MORISSETTE and LOU REED at a concert in Rome, Italy...."

Sounds like he was a fan of Advancement, too.

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