Thursday, April 14, 2005

Peter Murphy: Goth to Get You Into My Life

According to, we're getting ready to see a lot more of Peter Murphy:

"[He] is readying an international tour in support of his eighth solo album, Unshattered. The jaunt kicks off just days after a Bauhaus reunion concert on April 30th at the Coachella music festival in California.

'It came up as a sort of radical offer,' Murphy says of the reunion gig. 'So I thought, Why not?' This will be the second reunion stint for Murphy, guitarist Daniel Ash, bassist David J and drummer Kevin Haskins, who embarked on a full-fledged Bauhaus international tour in 1998. But Murphy is skeptical of new material coming of this one-off show. 'We're not in touch a lot, really,' he admits, 'but we'll always be friends. We were childhood friends, you know.'

...'Mine hasn't been a designer career," he says. 'First off, Bauhaus doesn't fit in anywhere -- and I think of myself as a wanderer, or maybe a novelist. I go away and do my work in my own downtime and space.' From his childhood, Murphy imagined himself a singer, learning hymns at Catholic school and Irish rebel songs from his father. But, surprisingly, his first obsession (at five years old) was Doris Day. 'I loved her!' he gushes. 'She was this mythical, perfect, wonderful lady who lived in America. I sang along to her record all the time.'

...'Unshattered' is lighter than Murphy's typically moody material -- something Murphy attributes to Gardner Cole, who, oddly enough, produced Eighties hits by Madonna, Tina Turner and Chaka Khan. 'He wouldn't get into the layers that I would have automatically added,' Murphy explains. 'He spent three weeks with the recordings, added live drummers and a couple of guitars and made the vocals really loud. He said he really wanted to let my voice show.'"

I don't know what to make of this gentleman, but I believe he is still Overt because on his solo tour, the backdrop he's using is described as "Dada-esque." Dada was pretty Overt, but describing something done now as "Dada-esque" is unbearably Overt.

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