Friday, April 15, 2005

U2 on GMA

According to, U2 will be playing on "Good Morning America":

"Good Morning America" will kick off its summer concert series with U2, which will make its first morning TV appearance on the ABC program. But the Irish rock act won't actually be in New York's Bryant Park, where the show's performances usually take place. Instead, the "GMA" team will travel to a stop on U2's current Vertigo tour. They will interview the band and select three songs to air May 20 and two more to air May 21 on the weekend edition of "GMA."

"U2 is the biggest act in the world; it's completely viable that we'd do something different," producer Mark Bracco says of the decision to air live concert footage rather than have the act perform in person. "For [a band] like U2, they can break some of the rules."

I wonder if David Hartman will play drums with them like Dana Carvey did that time.

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