Monday, April 18, 2005

Hey! Ho! Dobro!

Here's something I got from Billboard:

Tommy Ramone -- the sole surviving original member of the Ramones -- has traded in his drumsticks for mandolin, banjo, guitar and dobro, which he plays in the alternative country/punk/bluegrass duo Uncle Monk. "There are a lot of similarities between punk and old-time music," Ramone tells Billboard. "Both are home-brewed music as opposed to schooled, and both have an earthy energy. And anybody can pick up an instrument and start playing." The songs of Uncle Monk (completed by guitarist/bassist Claudia Tienan) include "Urban Renewal," "Home Sweet Reality" and "Need a Life." Varied themes, Ramone says, involve "the struggle to make it in a big city, urban gentrification, interpersonal relationships, spiritual longings and how one goes about satisfying emotional needs." He says he "uses the vocabulary of country and bluegrass combined with the aesthetics of punk and alternative music." Ramone plans to find a label home for Uncle Monk's first album when it is finished in a few months.

Let's hope he does find one.

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