Wednesday, April 27, 2005

John Lennon Musical: Please Don't Come to Boston

According to, producers of the John Lennon musical, "Lennon," have canceled scheduled shows in Boston:

"'Starting over may be the wisest approach,' wrote San Jose Mercury News critic Karen D'Souza, ending with a plea: 'Let it be . . . over.' Robert Hurwitt of the San Francisco Chronicle offered a more positive review but said writer/director Don Scardino's 'jukebox musical,' which has nine actors playing Lennon and stitches his songs together in a loosely biographical narrative, 'never fulfills the rich promise that hovers so tantalizingly just beyond its reach.' Pat Craig of the Contra Costa Times declared simply: 'Imagine something awful.'

...The show's creative team has already made some changes and will do more this week, said a New York publicist, Chris Boneau. 'They're going to keep working on how best to tell the story and have it connect with the audience.' "

I think they should turn it into a laser-light show.

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