Monday, April 25, 2005

Slint on EBay

I just received this:

Having disbanded at the conclusion of their historic and one-time reunion tour last month, the members of Slint are making select gear they used on the tour available through eBay auction.  Fans of the band can seize this unique opportunity to own their piece of the Slint legacy including guitars played by David Pajo and Brian McMahan.  While none of the items are currently autographed, the band member who used each specific item is willing to sign it upon the request of the winning

Currently available at are:

Brian McMahan's White Fender Telecaster (Item #7318137299)

David Pajo's Black USA Fender Stratocaster (Item #7318190797)

Brian McMahan's Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 Guitar Amplifier (Item

Custom ATA Tech Workbox (Item #7318182260)
And now, I bid you farewell. I'm off to learn about a new software program, so I might not be back today.


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