Friday, April 08, 2005

Who Reed

According to, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (not the Jewish Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) has a new exhibit celebrating the Who's "Tommy":

"Tommy: The Amazing Journey, which opens today, fills two floors of the Cleveland museum with guitars, handwritten lyrics, poster art and concert footage. 'You'll hear and feel this exhibit,' says its designer, Matthew Smith. 'It will rock and feel like a concert.' Pete Townshend conceived Tommy -- the story of an abused 'deaf, dumb and blind kid' so good at pinball that people come to think he's a prophet -- as a cautionary tale about false idols.... [H]ighlights include correspondence from Townshend -- such as a letter sent to Tommy film director Ken Russell, suggesting that Lou Reed, Tiny Tim and Frank Zappa be cast."

Lou Reed would have been out of place in "Tommy." Mostly because I think the rock opera is a little silly. By the way, the name Tommy is the second most rock'n'roll name behind Johnny (as we've discussed here).

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