Friday, July 07, 2006

Bluegrass Does Classic Rock, plus Expanding Monkees and Elephino, Termites in Tom Petty's Studio, Free v. Convenient, Paul Simon Is Muscular

  • There's a nice article about the history of bluegrass covers of classic rock at Yahoo!. Speaking of which (sort of), "White Light/White Heat" would make a perfect bluegrass song. If you use this idea, I get credit and some of the proceeds! And send me a copy, too.
  • Rhino is releasing expanded versions of the Monkees' two first records. That reminds me: What do you get when you cross and elephant and a rhino?
  • More animal news: Termites have made their way into Tom Petty's home studio. Buddy Holly would have used them in a recording, I'll bet.
  • When it comes to downloads, free is nothing compared to convenience.
  • You can hear Paul Simon talking about working with Brian Eno here. But what I want to know is who he is working out with. Or am I the only one who thinks he's pumped up these days?

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Cool Noise said...

Shit, I deleted the email with links to a stream of Tom Petty's new album. I would have loved to hear those Termites munching.