Monday, July 24, 2006

Bob Dylan Owes the Scots, plus Steely Dan v. Owen Wilson, Depeche Mode Cancels Concert, Pete Townsend's Girlfriend Is Delusional, Zune the iPod Killer

  • Apparently, Bob Dylan is indebted to Scottish music. If it's not Scottish, it's Overt!
  • Steely Dan want credit for You, Me and Dupree. Advanced.
  • The Portuguese have been spared from having to see a Depeche Mode concert. Send letters of thanks to the promoters, Brand New Day.
  • Pete Townsend's girlfriend says that her music career has suffered because she's Pete Townsend's girlfriend. If only she had known before she started dating him!
  • Wired is calling Microsoft's "iPod killer" doomed, but I think they've just misunderstood what's happening. The deal is that Bill Gates said that he got a "killer iPod" for his birthday.

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